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RSD Hope's Awareness Project-Target Media-This month the Today show 4/30/05

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RSD Hope's Awareness Project-Target Media-This month the Today show 4/30/05

Post  byrd45 on Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:42 am

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From: byrd45 (Original Message) Sent: 4/30/2005 2:00 PM
So this month's Media Target is the TODAY SHOW with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer.

To contact them, send an email to

Some people in the media suggested we try and use some "hooks" to grab the Producers attention. They suggested one or more of the following;

Tell your story of RSD, struggles, high points, low points, etc. Not too long or it won't get read.

Also, we would like everyone to include the following, you don't have to, it would just help our cause if we hit some of the same notes over and over, letter after letter.

1) Share the website with them so they have a place to go for more information if you want, feel free to mention it is our 10 year anniversary in April, the 5 Million hits to the website, etc. Anything to grab their eye. But then make it about YOU.

2) Talk about how you personally deal with constant pain in your life. Are there things you have learned to do that since you first had it, that make it easier to deal with? What would you like to share with the newly diagnosed that would help them get through the first year or two? The positives you have learned.

3) Be sure to include your contact information.

4) If you wish, you can talk about how RSDHope has helped you and/or your loved ones, maybe even your Dr.

5) Talk about the new RSD Awarenss Bracelet. Why we want people to wear them, why it is important to raise awareness in the public, that all of the profits from the sale of these bracelets goes directly into our research fund, maybe share a personal story of who you have given them to and why.

Some high points again ...

1) Raising awareness of RSD.
2) Helping people cope with Chronic Pain.
3) Helping the public to understand what it is like to deal with chronic pain everyday.
4) How many times "invisible diseases" like RSD cannot be judged based on how the patient looks at any given time.
5) The need for serious health-care reform when it comes to dealing with those in chronic pain.
6) Your contact information so they can contact you or you can give them my email address if you wish, - Keith Orsini

and any other points you think of. Because they just did a weeks worth of stories on Chronic pain we want to emphasize RSD.

Save your story as we will do one show each month.

We appreciate your help very much, let's raise awareness together, let's really hit this one this month!

To contact them, send an email to

Never underestimate the power and reach of a single dedicated individual to change the world, your power.

Next month we will hit Oprah, that was the number one choice based on your email responses to my question!

Keith O.

American RSDHope

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