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My Life With catiean

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My Life With catiean

Post  byrd45 on Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:48 am

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From: catiean (Original Message) Sent: 11/7/2006 12:20 AM
Hi Everyone. Thank you Robyn for asking me to join this group. Like all of you, I too, had a very active normal life. I was a registered nurse for 32 yrs working in Pediatic Intensive Care and Pediatric Oncology. I played raquetball two to three times a week with my husband, ran, biked, hiked, roller bladed. We played on a jack and jill softball team, etc. I did medical trips to other countries and have four adult children and soon to be five grand daughters.

I was at work during a code to stabilize a young boy and the emergency equipment I was carrying and running with was faulty. The dome shape lid popped off and hit the floor just as I was stepping down on slick linoleum. I slid across the floor twisting my rt knee back and forth then landed with all my weight going forward on my right knee cap.

Being under workman's comp it took three months before they would okay even an arthoscope to repair the damage. Luckily I had only sheared off the anterior cartilage protecting my kneecap from rubbing across the top of the fibula. I could go back to work in 6 weeks. Well that was 3 1/2 yrs ago. I ended up in a knee brace and on crutches for over a year before i graduated to a cane. My right leg does not work well---the quads don't fire and give out at times. My quads and knee are always swollen and used to change colors. That only happens occasionally now but it is very cold most of the day especially if i am active.

they tried sympathetic blocks, narcotics and nerve drugs. I am allergic to almost everything and am now on cymbalta and doxepin for sleep. I take 600mg of ibuprofen 3-4 times a day but try to not because of the affects on my liver and kidneys.

I do not see anyone who specializes in RSD---I DID---he was 300 miles away and said he would no longer see me when my workman's comp denied a spinal cord stimulator. My private insurance denied it because it was work related. I still have to deal with w/c but was granted social security disability my first try.

I now have rsd in my entire rt side including my face and tongue. It is also in my left arm/shoulder/hand/face and intermittently in my left foot but my left knee after about 6 months.
I have seen 32 drs in 3 years since the accident--mostly because w/c is trying to find someone on their side to disagree with the diagnosis. I am in pain every day and was in a deep depression from all the loss.

I am just now ending a year of psychotherapy that has helped me tremendously in dealing with the loss and pain. I have no pain meds to rely on so have to use other means and some days i just want to lie down and cry but if i do it will take too much energy. I try to focus on the positive things and make my day as productive and happy as i can. I have a wonderful supportive family and friends although at first it was so difficult to grasp the idea of what this monster is and does.

AGod bless each of you may your day be filled with joy.

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From: byrd45 Sent: 11/8/2006 4:37 PM
Hi Catiean,
Thanks for sharing your story and it is great to have you here with us. My RSD is work related as well so I sure do sympathize with how they treat people. I think it is wonderful that you try to seek out the positive in each day for yourself that is all any of us can hope to do. It definitely keeps the stress levels down and makes life much more enjoyable.My husband and kids are real supportive and my friends too and I am so thankful that they are it keeps me centered and helps during the roughest times.I honestly don't know what I would do without them. I try to keep my sense of humour and live each day to the fullest. I figure this is the only life I am going to get so I might as well enjoy it the best I can. Some days are harder than others but I don't stay down long that's for sureI hope you are enjoying your day today and talk to you soon!

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