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New To RSD..........By Docsuess

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New To RSD..........By Docsuess

Post  byrd45 on Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:16 am

From: DocSuess (Original Message) Sent: 9/8/2006 1:34 PM
On March the 14th I fell off a ladder at work and broke my left ankel in two places. I called my office and told then that I needed help. I could not drive the truck. They said that they would send someone. After about 20 mins I cald them back and they said that they are just left the office. I then told them that I will put the keys in the truck and I am calling 911. I saw one of are truck about 5 miles down the road when we pass them. The next day I called they doctor that they gave me at the hospital. They told me that I needed the work comp information. When I called my work they said that they did not have the work comp information and to go to their doctor's office. So, I went to their doctor's office and they sent me to a doctor to set my ankle. After three weeks he said I could go back to work. I then called my lawyer, he then told me that it was time to see a new doctor. I went to the new doctor and he told me that I should not to return to work untill the case come off my foot. I got the cast off 8 weeks later. Two days later my foot turn purple and was swollen. I tock pt for a week and then return to the doctor. My doctor looked at it for about 10 mins and said that I had rsd. Then he said that I needed a bone scan to rule out if it was something eles. Then the workman's comp said tow week later that I needed to go to have a independence med exam before I could have a bone scan. That took another 4 weeks. As soon as I went into has office, he ask for the x-rays and the bone scan report. I then told he that the ime was to get a bone scan. He then look at my foot and felt how cold it was. He the told me what I had was rsd and that I should get a bone scan as soon as possible. I then ask him how long it will take him to write his report. He then told me he was going to call in his report so I could get a bone scan. The next day my lawyer called me and told that I could setup for a bone scan. I got the bone scan on Jun the 28th. My doctor was out of town the week of the 4th. So I did not get the info of the bone scan untill the 10th of July. The report said that I had rsd. He then set me up to see a pain management doctor. She gave me my first nerve block on the 13th. The first block was done between c4 and c5. After, the first nerve block I could move my toes for the first time and my foot looked like a foot not like a dead fish. Five days later my foot was in pain and was back to the swollen and purple that all of you know about. Then two week later my left thigh was started with the pain. Then three weeks from the first block she gave me my next block. This block was given at the end of my tail bone. My foot like good for about a day but it did nothing for my thigh. Pt can not do much for me, I still can not walk so they have stop given me pt for now. When I did go back to my doctor on the 22nd of Aug. He put me on Lyrica, the first week was free, so I could toke it for a week. After the first week the work comp would not pick up the bill for the lyrica. I then went back to the doctor on the 5th of Sep and he called the pain doctor to setup another nerve block. I got the nerve block on the 7th. This nerve block was located between the first one and the one after that. She also but me on Gabapentin, and they filled it. The first day I took one 300mg at night untill I build up to taking 1800mg aday. So, the 21st of Sep I go back for my next nerve block. If the next nerve block dose not help to stop this. The pain management doctor is going to send me to see another pain management doctor. I do not think that she like to give blocks in the c4-c5 of your back.

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From: byrd45 Sent: 9/18/2006 9:54 AM
Hi Docsuess,
Thanks for sharing your story with us! You are very lucky to have been diagnosed early. I hear more and more people say their RSD was caught within the first few months and that really makes me happy to hear. That tells me that the word is starting to get out there and spreading and soon RSD won't be as unknown as it was just five or ten years ago even. It sounds like they are treating it with blocks right away which is usually how things go. Hopefully you will find some relief from them or there is still a chance of remission for you. I will hope and pray for the best for you and let us know how every goes for you.

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