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lost, 1 life,1 husband, if found please return lifedispose of husband.....Julie's Story

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lost, 1 life,1 husband, if found please return lifedispose of husband.....Julie's Story

Post  byrd45 on Wed Nov 05, 2008 2:42 pm

From: juliannemontana1 (Original Message) Sent: 9/14/2006 4:26 PM
i enjoy reading posts here so much. i developed rsd after having a pulmonary embolism july 1, 2005. the clot passed through lung and lodged in ankle, it was large, part broke from ankle and lodged behind knee, they occluded (stayed) there. very painful. i was treated for these and kept on blood thinners, then the pain continued and got so much worse. i was very fortunate that my doc believed me after the normal time it would have taken me to heal. so then i went through batteries of test and was put on llong lasting pain killers (which of course as u all know never takes it away) plus breakthrough meds. and im on nuerontin, cymbalta, (just last wk) coumadin, xanax, welbuterin, and vicodin. so far the cymbalta isnt working but i am on low dose and the doc said he would up it if necesary. i think it is necesary. when this happened my mom lived with us, just me mom and husband. my mom was dying of copd and i was her caretaker. i couldnt do a lot after i got sick but mom stayed pretty elf suficient even up till 2 days before, you know anyway thank god for hospice, they were taking care of me too. husband started getting very mad all the time. he got meaner and meaner, i kept the peace and put up with it for moms sake and pretended everything was fine for her, she passed oct. 20, 2005, my grief is indescribable i wont try. he proceeded to get even meaner, then i had my daughter move in as i was getting afraid of him and i needed help and he wouldnt even take me to the doc appointment. he wouldnt buy my meds or anything, he had ins. not me, any way one nite in sept, 24 to be exact i told my daughter to call thje police after he went to bed, he had been screaming at me in front of my 4 yr old grandson. slamin pans on the stove and throwing things. my grandson, aaron, was crying and screaming grampa why are you being so mean to grama, i was just tryin to calm aaron and tell him everything was ok, rite huh! well angela got home about 11.00 and (she was at a friends for the evenin) and she new somthin was wrong, couldnt tell her thought because he still up, just told her everthing fine yeah rite! anyway after she went to bed he started hisin at me and callin me all kinds of names and mock punchin at me, i cant move so that was scary.!!!! very!!!! then he told me to pick between him and ang and aaron, (she is his stepdaughter) well i did and called the police he left for the nite, the next day when i went first thing in the morn to court house for the protection order, he stole all of my things, (my mothers ashes!!! all her jewelry, all my and her bibles and all of my personal belongings) then proceeded to completly destroy the house, rite down to throwing my printer on the floor and stomping on it and kicking my computer off its shelf, (its tough i guess!). then he dumped all of the full garbages (wouldnt ya know it would be the day before garbage pick up!) all over the destruction he had left, so i guess i wrote a book and this only happened a couple months ago, so its pretty new. i guess ya all no me pretty good now, thats my story and i look forward to meeting friends here, im really from port angeles washington and no hardly anyone here (i do have wonderful church family), i moved over here to be with him, hahahahahaha, but now its just me and ang and aaron and my 8 yr old grandson who still lives in pa with daddy. mom was the last of my family except for a few distannt cousins, so again, look forward to hearin from ya, julie. sorry i wrote so much, i dont know why it just poured out like water from a tap, love from montana, julie

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From: therese521 Sent: 9/15/2006 12:14 AM

How awful! With all I've been through in the past 12 years I can't
imagine having to go through that kind of thing too. My husband Joe has
been my angel through all of this since it first started.

You really do wonder what would make a person react that way. You
certainly don't deserve this.

Please remember how important your "church family" is in situations like
this. I'm Catholic and couldn't possibly have gone through all of this
without my Faith. Sometimes you find yourself saying that our Faith in
God is all we have to hang on to when the pain gets so bad (physical or
emotional pain). But that's the important thing, you do have that Faith
and God will NEVER leave you no matter how bad things get. Remember
that. God is there for us, and has been through so much worse than we
could ever imagine, and He'll help us get through this.

Please know that you're in my Prayers every day. The one thing that we
all do know is that life is too short to hang on to the bad days,
especially when we HAVE been given so many good things in our life. Good
days will come back. A very good friend of ours who is a Priest used to
say that people would tell him that they were going through such a
difficult time. He would remind them that just as those bad days appear,
the good days will all of the sudden appear too.


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From: byrd45 Sent: 9/18/2006 9:46 AM
Hi Julie,
Thanks for sharing your story with us. RSD takes so much from all of us. It really isn't fair how our lives change overnight. I am so saddened to hear how your husband reacted to your illness. I wish he had chose to support you and stand by you but the way he was acting you had little choice but to get a protection order. I'm glad your daughter(she sounds more your daughter then his) and grandson are there with you and supporting you emotionally. Sometimes I think everything happens for a reason even bad things. Maybe this happened so you could watch your Grandson grow-up closely by living with him and sharing his days in a way you couldn't if you lived separately. With me I try to think that this happened to me because my boys needed me home with them and I needed to slow down and appreciate life. Maybe it seems silly but it helps me some. Enjoy every day with Aaron and never look back in my eyes you picked wisely!

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