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Joy's Story

Post  byrd45 on Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:05 pm

From: STMPhoto (Original Message) Sent: 7/17/2006 12:56 PM
I'm 32, mom of 2 young boys and I own a photography studio. A few months ago I slipped on a step in my home and broke my foot. its a common, simple break that shoul have healed with no problems. About 2 weeks after the break, my skin started an extreme burning that was worse pain than the break itself...

Since then the symptoms have been problematic and bizarre. The burning is constant, but the other symptoms include numbness/tingling/weakness on the side of the break (comes and goes) sweating, fatigue etc.. Its maddening.

The worst is that its so hard to explain to people. My kids are so young (2 & 5) and with owning my own business I have so much going on but I just want to just sleep...


My bone dr. referred me to a pain specialist who put me on Lyrica and percoset as my "go-to" drug when the pain is bad, as well as lidocaine patches which seem to help the pain about 20%. So far the results of the Lyrica have been slightly improved but not gone. Spinal blocks may be in my future..

Dr. is hopefully since we caught this early it will be manageable...

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From: shellie Sent: 7/17/2006 1:28 PM
Welcome !
If the doctor does everything right you will know the joy of remission. If you do get there be extra careful because it comes back and makes up for lost time.
Do you have someone to help with the kids? If you have not you will have days where all you want to do is dig a hole get in and pull the dirt back on top. Get yourself a support system lined up of people you trust to take care of the kids for a few hours on days like that. Doctors will consume your time a lot. I do not remember the first 2 years much. Any question you may have just ask someone on this group will do their best to answer, at least what worked for them. I try to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. When you are tired rest. It is very important that you get the rest while you can because RSD tends to let you lay down but not sleep. I watch the clock most night and finally get to sleep around 2am. One thing I have learned is when it hurts to cover your foot at night and you can not take the air. Take a box and cut it out enough so it will still stay open and put your foot in it and cover up that way.
Unlike others I have no life so I am on most of the time if you need anything or just want to talk I am here. I live in west Texas. (((Take care))) Shellie

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From: byrd45 Sent: 8/4/2006 11:23 AM
Hi Joy,
Great to have you here! Catching it early is the key! I am so glad for you! Within the first 3-6 months means a whole lot and even within the first year can still mean a possibility of remission. I would do whatever treatments they want you to but make sure the doctor is knowledgeable about RSD. As long as they are your chances of remission are good. I was a freelance photographer before getting RSD so I know what you mean when you are talking about your schedule. Photography can have a relentless schedule depending on what type you were doing and with two little ones I definitely can see what you are saying. I have two boys myself and even though they are teens now I remember how it was when they were small. They don't understand when mommy is tired or sick to well. If you ever need to talk I am here for you and feel free to email me if you have any questions at all. Having RSD for five years now I have learned alot along the way. I wish you the best and keep in touch.

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