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About Pegasus

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From: SP4KKeefe (Original Message) Sent: 11/23/2004 11:53 PM
About Pegasus

In the 3rd Grade I started getting curious and blamed for things, most the time innocent,OK? but I had this awful pain in my arms mostly elbows and I couldn't tell nobody cause I was affraid I had done something wrong and I would be in trouble big time. But a week went by a I couldn't hide it no more I was paralized. Could not bend at all. embarsed and scared I waited til my dad left on his business trip as usual an then I told Mom, she called the school and took me to the Doctor. Nothing was Documented but I think I remember him saying childhood arthritis, and I would grow out of it? Goes to show ya how medicine hasn't change much they still don't know enough for my taste about Arthr. Now about the 6 grade I had my tonsils out and Sinus Windows put in ? Holes in your head. suppose to help. Well I went for 15 years with a crooked nose and never could breathe right, & had to get another Opperation on my nose, now Its really screwed up. anyhow
About the time I was 12, My Dad got real on these business trips,? and finally told my mother he needed a divorse and left us, and I can't explain what happen to my insides at that point. He left me too, I had ran away one night and slept out in a friends backyard, my knees froze up and I could not walk? "When was I gonna grow out of this?" so, this friend's Dad came out and carried me in and I called my Dad and asked him to come get me. He said "no and go back home to your Mother where you belong" I went Home, I didn't mean to hurt Mom I was just tryin to get to the bottom of things? I recon? I never did mention my knees to My Mom.
When I reached the 12th grade I had tested every chenical I could, and found myself working at a Hospital and Sick ? So they put in it with Hepatitus B 3 months as an inpatient. I miss the intire summer and now I didn't have a job, so I went and got my EMT licence and began working for the Ambulance Company in Memphis, but after a year or so I got tired of the men and the lack of Home Training around Women, which at the time I was the only one and my aches and pain couldn't handle them.
My Brainstorm I'm in the Army Now, and I believed more punishment or exersize was gonna fix me, 2 stays in the Hospitals with pnemonia, and one live birth, and I compleated my time in Service. E-4 Fort Benning and I was told if I reinlisted I would stay right there and they didn't even have a Mall? I loved the Choppers and there was this Ranger ( Ed's father ) anyhow thats another story. After coming Home is when all the Hardship began, one nightmare after another Cancer first I had a Historectomy a year after Service and the truth is I had it before I was discharged ? but I didn't know it at the time. The VA Hospital knew it and didn't tell me either because they were not equiped to handled women? duh. I went there for check ups cause it was free at that time, they sent me over to Memphis State University for Pap smears so why not tell me? thank God for Edward's Health. My son and I went through alot of bad relationships one after another, most of the time he too Little to understand, but ya can't hide the brusies or the moving and hiding. Calling the police ? I just got to the point when I told him we are having company over again. The last time in Chattanooga? I fought til I couldn't fight no more, with a gun at your head most everyday there is nothing ya can do but run, when my son got out I left for the last time. I had a good business going, I'm a Cosmetologist and seeing my Doctor one day she recommended I slow down or quit work for awhile. This stund me, I thought work was keeping me together? She thought differently, soon all this paperwork started coming to me and this man would stop chasing me. so Homeless here I go to a safehouse and Edward went to a friend's house to finish the last half of the 12th year. I was diagnosed with at that time "Severe Trama Disorder"? Who me? So They move me in a disabled housing building a one of my sick neighbors comes over and wants to spend the night with me? I said NO but he intered so it got ruff, I pushed the emergency button and then got envolved ? He had half my hair in his hand and through me up against a door, firedepartment showed up night manager was there and no police. but I gave this boy a kick he won't forget and then a blow to the face and the night manager told the firedepartment "this goes on all the time" ??????????? Now I was mad and started for the night manager. Firedepartment asked me to jump up on the stretcher and thats when I stopped fighting. They told the manager I had a hematoma on my head the size of a softball and the police needed to report. They took me into the ER and I never saw a cop, I went to court to file an arrest warrent and he had 8 of these assault charges on record . After a month or so I began having headaches (migraines) which I always had and never really thought much of but remember seeing a nerosergon in High School and he gave me Valuim, anyhow. A year went by and I agreed to a MRI, they found a leassion, after another year they found a mass in which they can not identify?at the Present Time My most recent CT Scan shows deteriating bone desease of 3 disc in my neck and thorax has 2, My Prognoses is MORE PAIN AHEAD. So, This is my Legacy I plan and I'm sticking to it. No vegetable for me? I have a DNR in my Records, 3 Days for Otopsy, then under any situation creamation, after that Blow me TAPS !! Pray the 23rd Phsalm, and Drink and be Merry !!! Shooters if ya please. I have Loved and been Loved, Karen 10ac

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From: SP4KKeefe Sent: 11/24/2004 12:05 AM
Robyn, If anything here in my story would help the RSD cause or Chronic Pain, Just wanted to let you know you can use this info. my permission, I live life as an open Book, so the story has already been told to many. Thank you for asking and God Bless you in this fight of Pain, Love Karen

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From: byrd45 Sent: 11/24/2004 11:25 AM
Hi Karen,
Thanks for sharing your story with us. I appreciate your honesty and it helps everyone to know we are all in this thing together!You are one brave lady!I am collecting stories to submit to a talk show in hopes they will help us spread awareness to the public.I would love to include your story when it comes time.
Take Care,

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From: SP4KKeefe Sent: 4/1/2005 2:08 PM
Oh Lordy
These thingys just keep piling up don't they ? Just had a check up last week and my Doctor added something else to my resume' TMJ ? and I thought it was my ears and the Flew? wahhhhhhh ? so OK, This amongst everything else eeeeeeeerrrrrrr I recon I'm down for the count, My Mom just can't believe I'm falling apart ? ok so I'll live
The less I know bout this new thing the better. LOL now you know how I get by? aaaaahhhhhh Love ya, Karen 10ac

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From: countrygalinpain Sent: 4/20/2005 6:45 PM
Hi. Just wanted to say that I also was diagnosed with TMJ in 03.
I just read on RSDRX that TMJ is also a form of RSD. That blew
me away.

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From: wooggyyee Sent: 5/21/2005 5:50 AM
Im so sorry that you have had to go thru all this. I had to have both my TMJ's repaired and now they tell me they should have been replaced before. I didnt know that could be any part of RSD so thanks for the hint.
Till then be good and hang in there.....

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From: SP4KKeefe Sent: 7/16/2005 5:26 PM
Howdy Yall,
well I recon this is my time to say " ya just never Know" ? alot of what I went through I never read about in Med School, I know alot about tramma and the first responce but Lordy, feeling it is another world all together HUH? LOL
I have to laugh at myself, the truth is it all makes sence to me now? but when I go to the Doctor next week and have to explain all of my History it sounds like a pathetic Noval I wrote. They look at me with alot of pitty and I hate that, so I laugh about it, to keep from crying.
" now I have to add to it? " LOL
with a reaction to meds that mess me up 2 weeks ago. I was swollen from head to toe. Thats what I get for treating myself, but in Indiana they don't except any other Medicaid but theirs? & I ask the ER nurse " What do visitors do here " and she laughed like it was funny? WOW so I don't recomend Indy for the sick or injured.
I'll be in Nashville next week taking care of it as best I can, if they don't take care of the TMJ, I will once again treat myself . but I don't beg. & thats the thing, see. If someone trys to reduse me, I walk away at any cost. I will leave this world with my dignity, that can not be sold. I am not an experiment neither, no more pills they think might help? or Try this ? maybe? stuff " I have been through enough........
Never try something unless your willing to pay the consequences.? ya know? how I wish I had taking my own advise .
I will keep you posted on the outcome. Thanks for reading.
Karen 10ac

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From: byrd45 Sent: 7/20/2005 7:05 AM
Hi Karen,
That is just terrible!How are you feeling now? I hope you are back to normal now. I think they could have at least tried to help you out! They really do stink!

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