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FWD: RSDHope awareness items

Post  byrd45 on Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:46 pm

Awareness Ideas : FWD: RSDHope awareness items
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From: byrd45 (Original Message) Sent: 12/2/2005 8:27 AM

If you haven't visited our RSD Awareness Products catalog pages lately you are in for a treat. We have added a few new items; like our sweatpants, shorts, and a really nice Henley shirt! We also have some warm and toasty sweatshirts that would make great Christmas presents!

(although you aren't allowed to make fun of the pictures as I was having a really bad pain day, lol, new pictures will be coming soon trust me)

Our Holiday Bears are on sale, $20 each or if you buy 2 or more they are only $15 each. These are the Boyd Bears and they are jointed and come with their own RSD T-Shirt! This price includes shipping and handling!


As to our other RSD Awareness Bears, which come with their own shirt, Adoption Certificate, and story; we will be pulling them off of the website on December 16th. They will not return. if there are any left they may pop up for a guest appearance at the 2006 Conference in Maine in November but they will not be available for sale ever again. However many are left will be heading back into the woods, back to Hope Springs.

Recently we saw the first bear we sold out of selling on EBay for nearly $75. That was the anniversary bear and ours was probably worth even more since there were only 75 of them sold with the special RSD shirt!

We have very few of the Spring and Summer Bears left. Once they are gone, they are gone. They are only $20 each and that includes shipping. These make such cute presents and they spread RSD Awareness, check out the pictures of the Bears!



We do still have a very limited number of our two anniversary bears left. I believe about ten of each. These are also Boyd's jointed Bears and one is dressed in a Super Hero's outfit and one is dressed in a Medical uniform. They are adorable and perfect for that thank-you to that special person in your life who has made such a big difference for you in 2005.



Someone sent a box of items; computer discs, some videotapes, and some envelopes, to the RSDSA that was meant for us. But they enclosed a sheet of paper that was printed off of our website sometime in the fall of 2004 from a Wish List we had up at the time. So Jim from the RSDSA forwarded it to us. We just go the box last week.

We don't know when it was sent and it was repacked so we do not know who sent it or where it was sent from so we cannot send an acknowledgment. We don't want the person the think we did not appreciate their gift, we just don't know where to send it. if you are the person who sent it, please let us know. Send an email to Karen at

Every once in a while people do confuse the two national organizations. So to make sure, before year end donations go out, we are;

PO Box 875
Harrison, ME

Our website is

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