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Hi Everyone Please Read this Notice! Thank You

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Hi Everyone Please Read this Notice! Thank You

Post  byrd45 on Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:18 pm

Hi Everyone,
I opened a new forum so I can link it to ebay so when people come and see our group they will also see the dolls that me and my mother-in-law are making for rsd awareness and donation. The money raised will be given to a worthwhile approved non profit website or agency which will use the money raise for RSD research or to help RSD patients like us. I have a special place in mind for this years donation already, but I don't want to tell all of you until I offer this opportunity to them and make sure they want to climb on board with us. If this works out we will be sponsoring this year round and will pick a new worthy non profit each year. I would love to get the members thoughts on this. The pictures will be on ebay which will be linked to this board so people can see them,and I will be asking other websites if they will advertise what RSD Angels is doing. Our group RSD Outreach will be on all the brochures I hand out plus I will put links to other sites that help us out and are good informational sources for RSD and chronic pain. I know I put a few dolls up to show shellie and I was discussing them with her and Liz. I don't if anyone else here saw that, but there are a few pictures to show you what they look like. Each one is unique no two are alike and they are all handmade and handpainted with love and care. I hope that these dolls can raise some money for RSD. I will be putting up some more pictures here as well as the link to ebay as soon as the ad is ready. We will also be selling them at a few craft shows in my area which I will also post on this board so if anyone reading wants to come out and show us support we would love to see you! Wish us luck and thanks to all my RSD angels at RSD Outreach who make my life better just by being here. Oh and if any of my members here want to purchase a doll which is purely up to you I will give you a dollar discount on shipping just for being a member. The dolls will be sold for $9.99 plus shipping and handling. Well thanks for reading and hopefully we can raise some money for RSD.
Robyn I love you

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