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Our day at the first fundraiser selling RSD Angels

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Our day at the first fundraiser selling RSD Angels

Post  byrd45 on Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:35 am

Hi Everyone,
How is everyone doing this week? I hope you all had a good Easter for those of you who celebrate Easter, and also a good Passover for our members who celebrate Passover. I hope you are all in less pain this week and enjoying your days. Our first fundraiser at the old age home went well! We are looking forward to our second one at Foundations school next week and I will post the information on the fundraiser board for anyone that wants to attend. We gave out alot of brochures about RSD and quite a few people had questions for me about the disease. I also made sure that every medical professional that went by got a brochure in their hand even if I had to follow them and hand it to them so they would have it. After talking to one of the residents who was a sweet woman in a wheelchair being pushed around by her daughter, I was surprised to hear she got RSD after a stroke. I am the first person she ever talked to with the disease and there were tears in her eyes as we talked about the struggles of living with the disease. She touched my heart as did many people I met that day, The two woman next to us at the next table were wonderful one of them had fibromyalgia and the other had bipolar like my Matthew and we just hit it off famously. They are wonderful woman and I am so glad I met them and we have decided to stay in touch. I also met a very nice lady who I promised to put information up on the boards for her so she can stop in and read it. The day wound up with us making some money for RSD and me papering that room with information about RSD to lots of people who had never heard of it except for the handful of people I met who were living like we are one day at a time... I'll let you all know how our next fundraiser goes.
Robyn I love you

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