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RSD Outreach-Spread the word RSD

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RSD Outreach-Spread the word RSD

Post  byrd45 on Thu Nov 27, 2008 6:29 am

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From: byrd45 (Original Message) Sent: 2/15/2005 8:26 PM
Let's Spread the word of RSD,
We suffer silently and people need to hear about this. Especially doctors need this information. It could keep someone else from suffering like we are. More awareness means more research too. That is how things seem to work.Let's get the word out one person at a time.Print out info from online. Feel free to use any info you find here or on any RSD site that doesn't mind it. When you go to any doctor bring it with and hand it to the nurse and ask them to put it in your file. Give them a second one when the doctor comes in and ask them to share it with any of their colleages who might be interested in learning about RSD.Thank them for helping to spread the word of RSD.Give it to general practitioners,dentists,specialists,gynecologists etc. I gave one to my new G.P. and also asked if he would give one to the workers comp doctor who shares the office with him. Most doctors are really nice about it. I explained to him that my RSD was suspected early on but not treated by Workers Comp,so I said maybe somehow this might help someone else in the future. He said he didn't mind at all. I even gave one to the school nurse at my son's school.This is a great way to raise awareness! Come and help spread the word!

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