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rsd new to forum ,need hepl

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rsd new to forum ,need hepl

Post  garry s on Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:43 am

hi everyone ,im garry from uk , I was told I had rsd after a accident at work ,when tonne half steel crushed my foot,broke some bones, after coming out cast walking boot, nurses were concerned about the color of my foot, witch was ignored by orphapidic doctor ,as you had a bad crush ,it will take time, but it got worse ,color of my foot was blue allover purple ,stone cold like frost bite,pain ,In tthis time I had blood clot due to injury, and was sent to vascular doctor, who done tests on my foot, results were the steel come down on my foot ,crushed all the arteries in my foot, so I had rsd arteries ,crushed damaged blood clot, nerves tissues damaged in foot, ive been of work for a year ,as my job is physical ,I cant do same things as before, cant stand to long sit to long walk to long, cold weather my foot frozen alltime blue purple in day ,at night red shiny burning, has affected me big, going from very physical to 0, kickboxing running working, any heavy impact ,I feel carzy telling doctors ,or friends what sets it of to too cold to hot wind rain stress, doing to much, also started getting bad itching,i was recently told I cant claim any benefit, as I can communicate with people cook my own food ,and plan a journey, but I cant go work ,cant get across a road quick ,run catch a bus or train , most time laid up in home with foot elavted , would like to talk some people ,on forum, as nobody seems understand rsd, but I have rsd circulation ,artery circulation blood clot circulation, 3 circulation problems ,

garry s

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